The A-Z of Negotiation Arts: Anchors (2)

German flag - German languagethis is, how you can use Anchors for yourself before and during a negotiation

Setting yourself anchors

 With a consciously set anchor, you can invoke specifically a desired internal state, such as the Negotiators State, and make it available at all times.

Each of us has moments in life where everything turns out right. Such moments are situations, in which we have access to our special abilities. We feel strong and manage things easily. To make such a state selectively available is useful for many situations in everyday life. We are, for example, relaxed when dealing with difficult people, do not lose grip so easily and have also during busy, stressful days an extra energy, we can rely on.

We can relive those “great moments” and anchor them, so that they can be invoked quite easily whenever necessary. So you can set a specific anchor for different situations that helps you to get into the good desired condition.

and this is, how your counterpart might use an Anchor on you:

Anchor as a tool (weapon)

Anchors can be set and used consciously. And that can make them powerful weapons in a negotiation. This only requires associating an emotion with a sensory impression. This can be a symbol, a movement, a phrase, but also a scent or taste.

You should be cautious, when your opponent starts using the same phrase again and again. Especially if she combines that with a specific posture, gesture or tonality. May be, she tries to use a formerly uncovered limbic instruction (emotion) for her own advantage.






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