The A-Z of Negotiation Arts: Anchors

German flag - German language“It smells like cinnamon, star anise and cardamom”

An anchor is a trigger. Something happens and we are reacting, thus negotiating, always in the same way or we are feeling the same.

What does that trigger in you? What associations, feelings or images appear in your mind?

Such anchors are links of a sensory impression with a strong emotion. And when the sensory impression emerges, also the emotion or strongly felt memory appears again.

Also a mascot (teddy bear, puppet sock, …) acts like an anchor that makes you stronger in a particular situation, because it evokes the feeling of being a winner.

Most of the anchors just “happen”. Suddenly they appear and act. This can happen in any situation anytime, also during a conversation, even during a hearing.

If an existing anchor is triggered during a negotiation situation, it can trigger a strong emotion. It can put you for example, in a childlike state and with this a defenseless state. An anchor can also trigger resistance and the will to fight which will also affect your negotiation.

What happens if your negotiating partner uses the same aftershave that your ex-boyfriend used to wear? Or if you have this vague déjà vu and suddenly feel like sitting in front of your elementary school teacher?

If you regularly negotiate in the same constellation or in the same place, then this may already have built up anchors. Whenever your negotiating partner does something specific or you enter this very room, it will trigger the same reaction in you (limbic instruction – Emotion).

This “Oh yes, this again …” which is felt stronger than you may think, triggers an expectation that controls your perception and switches on the autopilot.

BTW: The above will trigger “Christmas, Christmas Market or Mulled Wine” in Germany or Austria. In the UK it will most likely trigger “Curry”.




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