The A-Z of Negotiation Arts: Relationship and Negotiation Success

RelationshipThe German Negotiator: Ziel

Good business is based on trust.
Trust comes from a relationship.

A professional, open, perhaps even warm relationship doesn’t mean taking a soft line approach, not openly stating one’s views, not daring to make any demands.

The relationship will benefit you when there are difficulties negotitating. Conflicts in the negotiation, however, can damage (or end) the relationship.

Some Principles

Take time for greetings and trade pleasantries. Introduce yourseleves when first meeting or when there are new participants in the group.

Find free time to begin a relationship with your negotiation partner or to build on the relationship you already have. Take the time to make small talk at the beginning of the negotiation. Maybe you have a hobby in common that can create a connection between the two of you, or maybe you both attended the same school or university, even if not in the same year.

Another safe way to strengthen the relationship is always using your conversation partner’s name and, where appropriate, title. Also make it clear whether both sides have a strong mandate and the authority to close.

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