The A-Z of Negotiation Arts: G like Goal


As in other areas of life, as well as in a negotiation, the correct definitThe German Negotiator: Zielion of goals is a crucial factor of success.

“Good intentions” as most people have at the beginning of every given year won’t do the trick. “I might do…” “I ‘ll do more sports…” and any similar do not lead you to success. Be specific in the way you describe your goal. The pure unspecified intention won’t help you: “I want a decent price” “I want it cheaper,” “I want the job.”

The “when, how, where, how much, why?” is not answered with such an unspecified term.

Before you start with the definition of goals, you must first ask why: “Which interests do you have, when it comes to conclude the deal with your partner? Which alternative (s) do you have in this case? (See BATNA). Only now can you define the goal of your negotiation.
• Specific and Sensual
o What exactly are you trying to achieve?
o Describe it as accurate and detailed as possible.
o Describe it in a way that uses all the senses.
o What do you see?
o What do you hear?
o What do you feel?
o What do you taste and smell?
• Measurable and Motivating
o How do you measure your achievement?
o Does the goal motivate you?
o What are you trying to do?
o Where are you going?
o What do want to change / avoid?
o What do you want to take away from it?
o Organise yourself positively
• Challenging and Stimulating
o A goal should not be automatic
o Write down a reason of why you want to achieve your goal.
• Realistic
o The goal should be in your range both physically and legally.
o It should be accessible within the given time.
• Timed and Energetic
o This requires a target completion date.
o Also think about smaller steps in between the start and the goal points.
o Become action-oriented.

Write your goal down. Consider whether you can promise what you have written down to someone else. Write down your goal as if it has just been reached, in the present tense.

To make your goal even stronger and to connect it with your resources do the following: Imagine the situation when you have reached your negotiation target. Go all the way through the situation. What do you see, what do you hear? What do you feel? Is there something you can smell or taste? Let the feeling of that situation immerse you completely.

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